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Virtual Exhibition Space Design for New Art City


I believe everyone should have the opportunity to advance in their career by accessing new methods outside the traditional academic path. Creative approaches for learning and disseminating educational material should be the new way of presenting archives through multi-media collaborations using art and immersive presentations. The moving image theoretical construction and education can better understand the reasons for creating artwork while fostering a voice for those who have found it difficult to express themselves.

During the pandemic, libraries and galleries were shut down, prohibiting access to their archives and exhibitions. The shift in producing digital archives for sharing information has become a new way to reimagine spaces to provide people with resources. Transitioning physical materials into digital files invited people to continue to be connected with important information and events around the world and presented the state of the human experience virtually. Traditional art-making methods, including digitizing archives, are currently being experienced through devices combining photography, video, and digital design. Using virtual platforms as an opportunity to support other students, faculty, and the public at large can help facilitate conversation and allow for an online community that could widely benefit from available source materials.

“Immersive experiential spaces aim to project memories translated as objects.”

Developing an inner voice that aided me in participating in the social framework has led me to responses that inspire change and defend my stance as a queer person navigating attitudes that are difficult to combat. Through building community and creating art, my practice has fostered new inquiry and transformed me into a better individual. Bringing difficult or frustrating topics into conversation narrows down parts of the human experience worth sharing. My goal is to highlight these memories and beautify them in ways only traditional image-making coupled with moving images can curate.

I seek to utilize these traumatic and inspiring moments of my life to become the primary narrator in my body of work. In my personal history, the love for transcending thought into action and visible forms of art shifted a positive way of thinking that may be useful for others to view and learn from. Replaying memories from my past encourages me to find ways to extract those vital pieces of information and stitch together a story for others to use as their survival guide.

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