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Project code: ACS-02 (CHE)
Title: Project Coffee Art — Intersection of Art, Chemistry, Racial Harmony, and Social Justice

SIP SUMMER 2021 Program University of California, Santa Cruz Project description:

Coffee is one of the most enjoyed drinks. In this research project, the SIP interns and mentors are going to investigate the chemistry involved in the journey of the bean from its raw stage to the cup of coffee and explore how coffee grounds can be used to create works of art. The art works created with coffee should reflect racial harmony. The goal of this research project is to give the interns an opportunity to experience the intersection of art, science, and the humanitarian aspects of life. Submission of art works to The Coffee Art Project will allow for active participation in social work. The Coffee Art Project is a high-profile art competition that invites artists to interpret the theme of coffee. Their aim is to support and encourage artists by providing them with a platform to showcase their work and promote coffee culture. Artists at all levels can enter one piece of artwork that connects to ‘coffee’ and/or ‘coffee shop’ experience. The exhibition of art works helps them to raise money to support Project Waterfall which is committed to bringing clean water to communities that grow our coffee through the Allegra Foundation and other registered charities.

Tasks: The SIP interns will read scientific articles about the chemistry involved in roasting and grinding coffee beans and have a discussion followed by writing short reports. The interns will also study a painting done with coffee and write a brief description based on group discussion. The mentor will guide the interns to explore the possibility of using coffee as a painting medium. The interns will learn to prepare the medium by collecting coffee ground from nearby coffee shops and create artworks using coffee. The SIP interns will learn how to protect their work. An important part of this research project will involve building a website to promote the idea of using coffee as a medium and to display the interns’ artworks. The mentor will help in selecting art works for online exhibitions like Project Coffee Art. Required skills for interns prior to acceptance: None Skills interns will acquire/hone: Art appreciation, learning to use an unconventional medium and designing one’s own website, scientific investigation URL:

Mentors: Saul Villegas, Sudakshina Ghosh, Jennifer Parker

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