The present series of images combines ink illustrations, photography, and digital design that bridges the creative flow of ideas. Fictional narratives develop when juxtaposing artwork in random sequences. Following the lines and energetic color waves, the shapes construct an experience from thought to a physical pictorial space.

iss065e214281 copy.jpg
sol copy.jpg

The Oracle of Venus is an experimental short film that explores the juxtaposition of art, digital design, and archived NASA videos to create speculative fiction. Overlaying moving images with animated photographs and elements of design combine a form of storytelling that emphasizes an ecocentric view of the elements on the planet. Having a dialogue with alternative ways of seeing through the exaggeration of color and scale allows for the viewer to experience a virtual experience–transcending them into a realm of art, architecture, and spatial existinstance not based on reality. Curating artwork with archives allows for time to blur and for the spectator to divulge in their own interpretation of the art presented.