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Left: Saul Villegas painting a middle school mascot, 'Diamondbacks' at RSMS, 1998.
Right: Saul Villegas presents to the Science Internship Program facilitators at the DARC building, UCSC, 2023.


From his early years, it was evident that Saul Villegas possessed a rare gift for artistic expression. Growing up amidst the awe-inspiring landscapes and diverse cultural tapestry of the Central Valley, he drew inspiration from his surroundings, honing his craft and exploring various artistic mediums. His innate talent caught the attention of local mentors and teachers who recognized his potential and nurtured his skills. With their guidance, Saul embarked on a remarkable artistic journey that would ultimately lead him to share his knowledge and expertise with aspiring artists.

A Leader in Digital Arts and New Media:
Saul's passion for art and technology converged when he joined the Digital Arts and New Media program at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Here, he discovered the limitless possibilities of image-making through digital mediums. His mastery of the craft, combined with a deep understanding of design principles and elements, caught the attention of the faculty, leading to his appointment as a Graduate Student Instructor.

Empowering Students Through Strong Design Principles:
As an instructor, Saul Villegas is committed to empowering his students to create compelling portfolios that showcase their unique artistic voices. Drawing upon his expertise in design, Saul guides his students in understanding the fundamental principles and elements of design, ensuring that their work possesses a strong visual impact. He emphasizes the importance of composition, color theory, typography, and other essential design aspects, enabling his students to craft visually stunning and conceptually rich projects.

Sharing Knowledge and Inspiring Others:
Now a Graduate Student Instructor at the University of California, Santa Cruz, Saul Villegas has embraced the role of an educator, passing on his knowledge and artistic insights to a new generation of aspiring artists. With his compassionate and inclusive teaching style, he empowers his students to find their unique voices and harness the power of art to make a difference in the world. Saul's commitment to fostering creativity and critical thinking resonates deeply with his students, impacting their artistic journeys. He will teach a summer course at the University of California, Santa Cruz (DANM 52), where he will guide his students to learn from his artistic research process--creating digital portfolios via the Adobe CC Photoshop editing program.


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