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Cristela's Shadow is a multifaceted three-part installation that delves into personal memories through a combination of 3D sculpture, AI generative imagery, video projections, virtual reality, and photographic media. The installation invites viewers to explore themes of memory, perception, and trauma, offering a cathartic journey through the experience of losing a loved one.


Using an autoethnographic approach, the installation navigates the intricate layers of trauma, employing imaginal exposure techniques to delve into its potential for transformation and healing through artistic expression.

Cristela, as the mother of Saul, reflects on the profound experience of mourning her late son Marcos, affectionately known as 'Shadow'. Through intimate and poetic recollections of their conversations about grief, she extends an invitation to other families who have also suffered loss. Together, they gather to piece memories, honoring Marcos's life. Cristela journeys through the depths of grief alongside Saul, who bears witness to the mourning and daily remembrance of his brother's passing.

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